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Running in the Wind

This drawing is dedicated to a very special person,
Tricia Powers. I've not had the pleasure of meeting her personally.
On March 3, 2001 I visited her website
and left with a great admiration for this lady.
She is battling cancer and gives much encouragement to others.
If you have time for just one visit, this is one you should see.
Tricia, has loved horses all her life
and became quite an accomplished horsewoman,
holding a Tennessee title for many years.
This is my humble way of paying tribute
to a very special and courageous woman.
Link to "A Little Bit of Trouble",Tricia Powers website.

This was drawn using a mouse, I started with a blank canvas.
I first did just the horse and then later added a rider.
It can be seen by clicking on Riding in the Wind.

Sharon Wallace 1999

Copyright 1998 Wallace World All Rights Reserved

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