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Nobody told me how it would hurt!
Maybe they did
and I just didn't listen.
Maybe they tried and
couldn't find the words.
I knew from the start
you were the love of my life.
Your gentle hands held my face
so tenderly,
the brush of your lips
across my brow told me
you felt the same.
I knew this wasn't
just another game.

Our days together grew to months.
We married
and wanted to grow old together.

Our first months together were heaven on earth to me.
We spent long hours dreaming
of what was to come, making plans for the future
and one day having the little cottage and white picket fence.
We spoke with love and tenderness while
we thought of the beautiful children we would have.

I still look back and wonder what made things change?
What made you change?
Was it me, the children I couldn't have?
Or was it all along I just didn't see
the other side of the love of my life?

If you or someone you know
is being abused,
be it man, woman or child;
let them know
they aren't alone.
That there is help for them
and that they don't have to live like this

I am very fortunate that I never had to live this kind of life.
The story that is here is just that, a story.
But, I have known friends that did live this life
and I write from their words to me.

by Sharon Wallace


Crisis Intervention Service
for McMinn County, Tennessee.
Where ever you live help is available.


Suicide, Depression

Loneliness. Alcohol

Drugs, Family Problems

Confidential & Anonymous



Shelter & Supportive

Services for Victim's

of Domestic Violence

24 Hour Help Line


June 10, 1999
Dear Sharon,

I just popped into your site
and looked at 'Nobody Told Me' again.
It's a disturbing and meaningful piece
you have written, on behalf of abused women,
and it deserves recognition.
This award was created very recently
and you are among its first recipients.
It comes to you with lots of good wishes.

Poetry & Prose Award from Odonata Gallery

Thank you Jackie, I am honored!

The Official Seal Of The Phenomenal Women Of The Web - 
	Against Domestic Violence

Artwork and writings are the creation of
Sharon Wallace March 23, 1999