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pull up a chair and enjoy the peace and quiet.





Reed and Ruth Wallace's old homeplace 
where they raised their children Cleeta, 
R.D. (died in a car crash)
LaVonne, George Arnold, Jerry and Wiley. 
George Arnold lives in Loyalton, Ca., 
Cleeta, LaVonne, Jerry and Wiley are 
all residents of McMinn County, TN.


Left to right Jerry Wallace, Wiley Wallace, Cleeta Wallace Buckner
George Arnold Wallace and LaVonne Wallace Crabtree.

Even now I can see Pop sitting on the front porch,
whittlin' or playing a game of checkers with one of his old cronies.

The picture has changed over the years
But the memories are still dear.
Over the years this house has seen changes to itself
and the surrounding area.

There are now seven homes in our hollow. 
The summer noise of a bullfrog on the pond 
is occasionally drowned out by a boom box on a lawn. 
The pretty days are now filled with the
joyous sounds of children playing once again.
We now have children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews
sharing our little corner of the world
and it is a wonderful feeling!
Instead of Saturday night fox hunting dogs

you may hear a car radio beating out a wild tune.
But there is still no place as peaceful 
on a late summer evening as our porch.

For this I give special thanks to the foresight 
and hard work of my 
father-n-law Reed Wallace
and mother-n-law, Ruth Wallace.

Mom & Pop Wallace


This page is dedicated to Reed and Ruth 
in loving memory by Sharon Wallace, their daughter-n-law.

A special thanks to

Dick Anderson

for the Wind Beneath My Wings midi file.