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Hydesville Grade School
Hydesville, California
Graduating Class of 1960

Left to Right Top to Bottom

Top Row : D.J. ?, Frank ?, Betty Chancellor, Clarence Quinn, Joan Sartain, Roberta Shaw

2nd row : George Lennon, Carol Shepard, Phillip Smith, Sharon Voight, ??, Pinky ?, Jeanne Byard

3rd row : Joe Nines, Cheryl Lee, Bill Crosswhite, Jane Wofford, Joanna Reiter, Albert Cass,

4th row : Rosilee Cristeyns, Sharon Morton, Nancy Reed, David Walker, Shirley Smith,

Teacher Miss Barbara Hill and standing in front of her, Darrel Brewer

Bottom Row : Karl Frazer, Gary Vigers, Donna Brewer, Lois Morris, Rodney Shoales, Judy Cass


Left to Right and Top to Bottom

Top row : Jane Wofford, George Lennon, Charles Carrier, Joan Sartain, Oris Johnson, Keith White

2nd row : Joanna Reiter, Dallas Allee, Jeanne Byard, Joe Nunes, Sharon Morton, Cheryl Lee

3rd row : Lois Morris, Wanda Coran, Darrel Brewer, Donna Brewer, Rodney Shoales, Bill Crosswhite

Bottom row : Mr. Ed Solenberger, Colleen Murphy, Richard Nelson, Lydia Gibson, Danny Hicks, Mr. George Baer


Over the years I have often wondered what became of my fellow classmates.
If you should happen to know any of them I would love to hear from you.
You may email me at