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My Mother

Delphine Morton

She is the best! Bar none.
My Mother is a friend and my Mom.
She has an amazing talent in quilting
along with cooking, crochet work and sewing.
You name it and she can do it.
During my school years I always had some of the prettiest
clothes and they were made with her loving hands.
In the last few years her interest has turned sharply
toward quilting and her work reaches the far corners
of the earth.

Mom not only does her own work but is commissioned
to do hand quilting for others. I am very proud of her.
Through the years she managed to raise four children
and a husband. I love my Dad dearly
and I am sure he won't appreciate
that comment. But, it is the truth, she was and is
the glue that held our family together.

At a very young age they moved away from
family and friends to California.
She managed to make a happy home for us
under very hard times, I'm sure.
I don't know how long they lived in and around
the Fresno valley area before moving to
Redwood country.
Dad started working in the logging industry
and things got better. It couldn't have
been easy on either one of them as was
the case for so many who went west at that time.

However, all I have are happy memories
of my early years living there.
The area of Humboldt county we lived in
was beautiful and at that time not overly crowded.
The Redwoods were the most majestic trees
and to this day are my favorite.

We would play in the burned out stumps, which were
big enough for forts and playhouses. I am sure
we put several years of grey hair on my Mother's
head when she would look out and see us
climbing as far as we could in those huge trees.
Ahh, the joy of innocent youth!

The picture below is of my Mother and just one of the
many quilts that she made.
She saw this pattern in a newspaper or magazine
and it was a tiny picture
She counted the pieces and this was the final result.
Each piece in this quilt is not quite as big
as a half dollar coin.

Grandmother's Basket of Flowers

These pictures can't do her work justice,
but you can see the fine detail
and quality of her quilting.

A personal note to my Mother..
You may never see this Mom
but I hope I have shown you
how much I truly admire and love you.
If I live to be a hundred I will
never be the Mother or woman
that you are now.

You are my Hero
and the guiding light of my life.
I Love You, Mother.
With much love from your daughter,
October 11, 1999


Below is a picture of the first Bedspread
my Mother taught me to make.
It in no way compares to her work,
mine is done on a machine.