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Whatcha Doin' Mom?

When you were little
how many times a day
did you ask your Mom,
Whatcha doin, Mom?

She was never to busy to reply,
or do something you needed done.
She made your favorite things to eat
and always had treats.

Mom probably got tired of hearing
Whatcha doin', Mom?,
when you were little.

I would wager all I own
that she would love to hear
Whatcha doin', Mom?
Now that you are grown.

When you think, I'll call her later.
Not today, I'm too busy!
Just remember all those times
she wasn't too busy for you.

Give your Mother something no one else can.
Take a minute out of your busy day,
Call her and ask,
Whatcha doin', Mom?

Graphic and Words by
Sharon Wallace