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Wallace World
Wellholler, Tennessee

Little Critter provided 
by Cressida's Cave, see link below.

The Legend of Wellholler

Wellholler is normally a peaceful place to live.
It is a peaceful little nook in the Tennessee Hills.
But, every Fall it happens.....
And that is where the legend began.

Many years ago there was talk of
a lone man who wandered the woods
of our community.
He kept to himself and very seldom spoke
a word to anyone he might chance to meet.
This was not often you see, for he lived in a
run down shanty deep in the holler.

He lived off the land, hunting small game and
eating wild greens and berries.
He feared no man nor beast, but was feared by all.

He would wander late at night and always on a full moon.
You see, there were large and small animals alike
out on those nights. That was when he reaped
his reward for being silent and fleet of foot.

But, as is always the case, he didn't know
all Mother Nature had in store for him.

One such moonlit night he stumbled upon
an old well at the top of a long rise.
Having never seen this well before he was very curious.
He leaned over and started poking about in the dark,
dank hole.

He could hear a strange noise every time he
poked his stick down deep in the well. It was a noise
such as he had never before heard. At times it
sounded like a low growl and others it made
a whimpering sound.

He gathered his rope and made a loop then
dropped it down the well. After several tries
he felt it snag on something.

Little by little, he slowly drew the rope
out of the well. The closer to the top it got
the louder the noise. Finally a wet,
mud encrusted head appeared.

When he saw the head he jumped back
and dislodged the rope. The head fell
over the side and started rolling
toward him.


He started running backward, tripped
and fell. He scrambled to his feet and
started running as fast as he could.

After what seemed like miles, he stopped...
listened and all he could hear was a
soft breathing sound.

He spun around and at his feet lay The Head!
It was glowing a flourescent white and it's
eye sockets were an eerie pale blue.
The mouth was open wide and the
glow of embers was coming from it.

He screamed a blood curdling scream of terror
and began running.

To this day, no one has ever seen the man again.
BUT, on dark moonlit nights don't walk
in Wellholler or you just might...
Hear a soft rustling in the dead leaves and hear

The Head's evil laugh whistling through the trees.

Story by
Sharon Wallace
and she isn't telling if it is true or not!

Special Thanks to Cressida!
She made the Little Critter at the top of the page.
Isn't this bookworm cute?
If you would like to see her other work visit her site.
Cressida's Cave

Thank You for spending your time
with Wallace World.

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