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Cherokee Bits and Pieces

Cherokee Pipe

Found in a burial ground.
The Cherokee were
excellent craftsmen.

I do not have nor have I ever had this pipe.
The picture was scanned from a reference book.
After receiving an inquiry in regards to this matter
I realized that I had not made that point clear.
There should never be anything taken from burial grounds, cemetaries
or wherever any people have chosen to bury their loved ones.


Cherokee Farmhouse

This is a re-creation
of a typical Cherokee farm home
in the early 19th century.
The Cherokee didn't live in tents,
and they were quick to refine
their wooden dwellings to
imitate the homes of white men.

A side note regarding the house above.
This information was sent to me by a lady
living near Cherokee.

the local story that has been told ever
since my mother was a child, and her mother and so
forth) ...is that Abraham Lincoln was conceived on
that farmstead and his father was the owner.... his
mother was pregnant with him when she left here...She
was a servant at the farmstead...I have read
nothing in history to validate this, but it has been
rumored that slaves were in his bloodline
somewhere...anyhow the people around here would swear
that this story is true..

Fort Marr

Nations oldest blockhouse.

A stockade to confine the Indians

Located in Polk County, TN.

near Benton, TN.

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