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Morton Family Search -continued.

December 15, 1999

Michael Gerber

I'm looking for Jenny and Chris(topher) Morton (siblings).
I knew him and his sister Jenny while at college, about 5 years ago.
Their parents live in Forfar, (North East Scotland).
Chris is about 26 yrs old.
I don't know where either of them are now and
I lost their parents phone number and there are lots of Mortons in Forfar.
Thx, Michael

Micheal Gerber

December 9, 1999

Rhonda Barnard

I am searching my maternal roots which is Morton.
I understand the roots trace to Cherokee and I would like to find out that route.
If you have any additional info relevent to my search, please let me know.
Here is what I have found so far:
My Grandfather is George Wesley Morton (living);
My Great G-pa is Earnest Lee Morton (1910);
My G-Great G-pa is George Newton Morton (1880);
My GG-Great G-pa is John Wesley Morton (1837);
My GGG-Great G-pa is James B. Morton (ABT 1800).
I have more detailed info on these people if anyone needs them. Thanks!

Rhonda Barnard

December 6, 1999

Darin Lenger

I am searching for information on Samual and Renna Morton who lived in Kentucky
and moved their family to Missouri in 1837 and settled on a farm in Schulyer county. 
The only information I know is they had at least one son,
James William Morton
(born in Madison Co. Kentucky near Richmond 7-June-1833 ) who married Liza Jane Burris.
They had a total of 14 children and lived in Adair and Texas counties in Missouri.
Any information would be appreciated.
Darin Lenger

Jeanette Smith
September 22, 1999

I have been trying to trace my ancestors.
My Great Grand Mother was a Morton, as far as I can trace back.
Her family came to England from Ireland at some point.
It is very confusing, but she married my Great Grandfather and
her Brother married my Great Grandfathers Sister?????
See what I mean. Anyway  she was born in 1881 and married Frank Stockwell.

Please email with info you have on any Morton's which may help with my Genealogy/Family tree.
Thank you.
Jeanette Smith.
Returned mail from Mailer Daemon
Please send correct email address

9th September, 1999 

John Reed

Looking for info on Charles Morton born 1840 Birkenhead? England,
came to New Zealand 1861 (about).
Married Louisa Whitbread 1867
  John Reed 301,
New Zealand.

7th September, 1999

I am the gggranddaughter of John Henry Moton brother of
Aaron "Buck" Moton.
Buck Moton was also married to Martha Petter. Martha applied for citizenship
for her daughter Mary Elizabeth Moton and Clem "Cul-Stanga" Moton , Aaron's
brother verified this in his statement to the council.
I also have some criminal records of Buck's. Let me know if you would like to
have copies. I will be glad to send them.
The children of Henry and Rebecca "Wa-Chi" Morton/Moton are:
 1.  William "Beal" Morton/Moton born abt 1841 and died Aug 6, 1901 married
twice. First wife Annie Lindsey. Second wife Jane Terrell
 2. Lock Morton/Moton born abt 1843 and died Mar 2, 1895 he married Takie
Terrell sister of Jane. Both William and Lock served the Union in the Indian
Home Guard. I have there military records.
3. George Morton/ Moton born abt 1845
4. Sarah Ann"Long Sally" Morton/Moton born abt 1847 and died 1914 she married
William Bright
5.Gatsy Morton/Moton born abt 1848 and died mar 17, 1887 she married twice.
first husband John Thorton. Second husband Bud Parris
6. Barsheba Morton/Moton born abt 1849 and died aft 1906 she married Samuel
7. Newton "Newt" Morton/Moton was born Sept 26, 1852 and married twice. First
wife was Malinda Orenda. Second wife was Mollie Morris.
8. Aaron Morton/Moton born abt 1855 and died 1885
9. John Henry Morton/Moton born Feb 2, 1856 and died Jan 15, 1915 he married
three times. First Amanda Dunn Weaver a creek Indian. Second Eliza Jane
Johns. Third Margaret Shamblin Hilderbrand Boyd.
10. Clem "Cul-Stanga" Morton/Moton born Mar 6, 1858 and died April 11, 1922,
he married twice. Second wife Phoebe Flannagan
11. Polly Morton/Moton born 1858 she married Henry Morris in 1883

Henry and Rebecca were listed in the 1850 census of Arkansas and the 1860
first census of whites living in Oklahoma. Henry was killed during the Civil
war as per statement from Newton on his citizenship application.
Rebecca died on Mar 17, 1879 and is buried at Morris Cemetery in Adair
County, OK
Rebecca's parents were John F. Langley born May 9, 1792, in North Carolina he
died 1869 in GA and Sarah Sallie Parrish.

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