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Morton - Moton Family Search

New Post
Posted December 26, 2001
My great grandmother was Julia Ancira Morton,
daughter of George Weston Morton and
Guadalupe Ancira of Sabinas, Hidalgo, Mexico.
Evidently, this was a second marriage for George Weston.
They lived during the early 1900s in Mexico
and had 12 children:
Jose F, Carlos, Luis, Jorge, Enrique, Lupe,
Maria, Carlota, Anita, and my g-grandmother, Julia.
I understand that George Weston Morton was the son of
Levi Parsons Morton, born in Vermont, I believe.
I would love to hear from anyone who knows
anything about George Weston Morton. Thanks!

Please email me at Liz Campbell Stevens

New Post
Posted December 21, 2001
Matt Morton
I have recently begun
the long journey of researching my family's ancestry.
I was told by my father that the family tree has been
tracked back to John Morton of Pennsylvania,
signer of the Declaration of Independence.
However, this information was lost in a fire several years ago.
I am specifically interested in the possible
connection to the Comanche Nation. 
In your research, have you heard of any Morton's with Comanche blood?

Matt Morton

New Post
Posted December 11, 2001
Poster failed to leave name.
I had a great grandfather named Jesse Morton
he was born in Brooklyn, N.Y.
My grandmother was Estelle Morton
also born in Brooklyn, N.Y. on April 12, 1892.
She had a brother, Jesse who was shot and killed
in New York in the 1930's.
How can I find out what happened to him?
Thanks a lot.


New Post
Posted October 24, 2001
Kathy Robinson
I know very little about my great-grandfather, John W. Morton. My
grandfather dictated a tape of some family history 23 years ago at my
wedding--(I interviewed him, but I didn't remember it. Guess I had other
things on my mind!) Anyhow, it recently surfaced--this is all I know about
my Mortons:

John W. was born in Tennessee, probably about 1875. His family subsequently
moved to Texas. He married in Dallas December 25, 1896 (Carrie Bodine) I
believe he is the telegrapher listed in the 1896 Dallas City Directory. He
had two brothers, Walter (married to an Alice) and Muncie (sp?). They also
lived in Texas. Their father was a Captain in the Civil War in Tennessee-- it
sounds like granddaddy said he was known as "Captain White"--so I don't
really understand that.

John apparently had a decent education for the time, and was employed first
as a telegrapher and than as a bookeeper. My aunt believes that his family
"disowned" him because he married a penniless orphan (my ggm). He died in
1903 in Kansas City, MO of typhoid after a "great flood." Does any of this
info sound familiar?

Thank you for your help.

  Kathy (Morton) Robinson

Kathy Robinson PhD RN
Assistant Professor of Nursing
University of North Florida
Phone: 904-620-2684
Fax: 904-620-2848

New Post
Posted October 12, 2001
Teresa Lee
Have Morton (Mourton)ancestors:
George Washington Mourton b.1808 N.C.,
his son James Thomas Morton b. 1838 VA.,
his son James Jefferson Morton b. 1861 MO.,
his daughter (my grandma) Grace L. Morton b. 1903.
Is there any information out there?
Thank you
T. Y. Lee

Posted September 1, 2001
Myrell Morton
I am the son of Ray Ellis Morton Jr.
He is the son of Ray Morton Sr. and Henrietta (winston) Morton.  Ray
Morton Sr.'s father was Grover Cleveland Morton. His father was
William Monday Mo(r)ton and his mom was Lucy Mo(r)ton. I am looking to
trace my geneology back further than William but presently I am STUCK.
If you have any information on William Monday Mo(r)ton or even where the
last name Morton comes from.....please e-mail me.

Contact Myrell Morton at:

Posted August 3, 2001
George Claypool
Looking for information on Floyd N. and Francis S. Morton
Floyd born according to my information in 1916
Francis born according to my information in 1918
Both born in MN - sons of Albert R. Morton and
Mary Ellen Wayman Morton.

Contact George Claypool at:

Posted August 3, 2001.

Brian Morton

My family are from the Tyneside District in the North of England
I have traced the South Shields Mortons back to 1777.

Contact Brian

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