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Morton - Moton Family Search

New Post
Posted July 23, 2002
AnnaLiese K Bishop
I am looking for members of my maternal Grandmother's family who are in Ireland.
My Grandmother was Florence Celia Morton, born in County Kilkenny, Ireland, on 14 May 1902.
Florence was one of 14 children, only 7 of which survived. Florence left Ireland in 1923
and came to New Zealand, where she married my Grandfather, a Charles Vollmer,
and gave birth to my mother, Ruth Vollmer.

Florence's father was James Morton, and of those 7 children that survived,
Florence had brothers named Vincent and James. James Morton came to New Zealand,
married Joyce and had a daughter, Catherine Morton.

We believe Vincent stayed in Ireland. I am looking for any descendants in Kilkenny, Ireland.
James snr (my great-grandfather) was born in Ulster, Northern Ireland,
but lived in Co. Cork and later Co. Kilkenny.
If you have any information at all please feel free to email me.
AnnaLiese K Bishop

New Post
Posted July 13, 2002
Dorothy Boynton
I am trying to research a Morton family from Maryland.
I have little proof but indications that there was a John H.B. Morton, b. 1899,
Samuel, b. 1800, Arabella, b. 1807, George Hiram, b. 1810, and Herny E., b. 1812 as siblings.
The census records all say these people were born in Maryland.
I am trying to establish them as a family and find out who the parents were.
Samuel, George H., and Arabella are all found in Daviess County, KY by 1840s and 1850s.
Henry E. Morton is living in Calvert Co., MD in 1852 and John H.B. Morton is living in New Orleans in 1852
according to a land transaction in Daviess Co., KY in 1852.
Samuel Morton is agent for the Henry E. Morton of MD.
George H. Morton, the widow of Samuel Morton, and the widow of John H.B. Morton
are all found in Izard Co., AR in 1860 census.
Only Samuel Morton's widow is found there by 1870 census.
Records have been found to show that George H., and John H.B.
are probably deceased before 1860. George H. was a justice of the peace in Izard County, AR.
John H.B. is found on the slave schedules of that county in 1857
but not listed on 1860 census where his widow, Ann, is found.

The marriage record for Arabella Morton of Daviess county Ky states that
she was born in St Charles County, MD. I have been informed that there was
never such a county. There is a Charles County but I have not been able
to find a Morton family there in late 1790s or early 1800s
when these people were all born. I did find a Henry E. Morton in Calvert Caounty, MD
48 years old and with a wife Mary and those were the names on the
land deed in KY so I think they are the same people.

I believe that Samuel Morton married Mary A. Smith in MD before they moved to KY.
This family is found on the 1840 Daviess Co., KY census. I believed he died in KY
and his widow moved to AR where his brothers and her oldest's son, Thomas Morton, were living.
She is buried in the Oak Grove Cemetery with her son Samuel A. Morton, his wife, and daughter.
Thomas Morton is believed to be buried in the Historis Wolf.Adams/Herron Cemetery
near Norfork, AR. No burial record for George H. Morton.

John H.B. Morton married Ann Fourniquet of New Orleans and
they had a daughter Rebecca born there in 1838. She died in Izard Co., Ar
and her tombstone has been preserved and moved to the grounds of the
Historic Wolf House of Norfork, AR. No death data for either he or his widow exist.

There is a marriage record of Mary A. Morton daughter of Samuel and Mary A. Morton of
Daviess Co., KY to a Barna May. They had two children and she died in 1856 when the
children were very young. Arabella Morton Field was a guest at the wedding and
the record stated the wedding was held at the home of the bride, a Mrs. Mary Morton.
Thus, I believe that Mr. Morton must have been deceased at that time
or he would have been mentioned.

Any help I could get in trying to establish the connections of these people
would be greatly appreciated. Please reply to .
Dorothy Boynton

New Post
Posted June 24, 2002
Floyd Bright
In my search for the ancestors of Fredrick Alvin Morton
born in Iowa around 1860 I believe I have narrowed it down a little.
In the 1920 census he recorded that his father was born in Maine.
I found at least two Mortons in Phillips county Kansas
that came there from Maine. One is a Zalmon H. Morton the other Alvin.
I theorize this Alvin was Fredrick's father.

There also seems to be a Wisconsin connection with the Weeks line.
Does any of this trigger some connections from anyone.
Incidentally, Fredrick also recorded his mother's birth as Pennsylvania.
His mother was Juletta Weeks and his wife was Maggie Davis (Margaret Rozella Davis).
Floyd Bright
Bremerton, WA

New Post
Posted June 23, 2002
Jason Morton
This is Jason Edward Morton of Coatesville Indiana.
My family was raised out In Arizona.
My father is Charles Lee Morton, who lives in Hollywood Florida.
My Mother is now April Elaine Provencal,
formerly (Morton) who is now in Avon Indiana.

I am looking for any members of my Genealogy:
Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, ETC.

Thank you.
Jason Morton

New Post
Posted June 23, 2002
Janet Downing
A week ago, I visited my cousin in Oregon and we looked over the family
bible and found a picture of Levi P. Morton and his wife.
The picture was taken by a Cleveland Ohio Newspaper and
was a glossy type photo. Mrs. Morton looks exactly like myself
and my grandfather, Howard Payne. Could you help me
in finding if she was a Metz, Payne or A Sage.
I know she is our ancestor, but do not know her name.
There must have been a reason for this to be in our family bible.
The picture looked to be taken before the turn of the century and
Mrs. Morton is indeed beautiful in the picture.
Her profile is exactly like mine.
We are related to John Howard Payne who wrote "Home Sweet Home" and
my grandfather was named after him.
The bible records were kept by Mahala Dille Payne,
whom I was able to locate thru the Dille Family on the net.
You kind indulgence will be greatly appreciated.

Janet Downing
Carmel Valley, CA

New Post
Posted May 6, 2002
Jesse Morton
I am a 14-year-old named Jesse David Morton and I
want to know if I am distantly related to John Morton,
one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence,
in which he was from Delaware County, PA. My Great
Grandmother, Lillian Morton, lives not too far from there,
so is this just coincidence or is there a distant relationship?

Email Jesse at
Jesse Morton

New Post
Posted April 17, 2002
Pam Morton
I am looking for anyone that is descended from Samuel Morton
and Levicy Watson Morton of Williamson County,Tn. PLEASE?
Thanks, Pam Morton
email Pam at

New Post
Posted April 08, 2002
My ggrandfather was Harry Walden Morton born 2/26/1867 and died 4/9/1953.
His father was Richard Henry Morton who was married to Harriet Elizabeth Walden.
Harriet died young and Richard Henry left western Kentucky
for presumably western Tennessee and had two more sons.
I am stuck with Richard Henry.
I cannot find verifiable record of him though there have been
two references and suggestions that his father may have been John Hamilton Morton.
I would certainly appreciate any assistance or information you might have.

Sincerely, DMorton
D Morton

New Post
Posted April 3, 2002
Drew Morton

My name is Drew Morton.. My Grand father was John Douglas Morton,
born in 1887 in Michigan, died in 1975. His Father was John W. Morton.
John W's wife was Etta. My grandfather had several siblings,
and step siblings, Tom and Hatty among others.

My grand fathers Uncle (my great great uncle) was Jim Morton,
and again lived in Michigan, Mason County. His wife I believe was Maryette,
and he also had relatives named Paul, and Dwight.
They had a half brother named Alen Hall.

If you trace it back far enough, it goes to Scotland, to the Douglas Clan,
around the time of King James I of England.

Drew Morton

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