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Morton - Moton Family Search

Posted February 17, 2001.

Bobbie Morton

We have a new Morton member.
Her name is Hunter Kennedy Wagner, she was born on 12/19/2000.
Her mother is Tabitha Amanda Jo Morton.
Grandfather is Burnis Franklin Morton, Jr.,
great grandfather is Burnis Franklin Morton, Sr.
Great great grandfather was David Morton who was married to Ida Pankey.
Great great great grandfather was Christopher Morton married to Analiza.
This line of Mortons is from North Carolina.

Their ancestors fought in the civil war and
there is a monument at Fort Fisher, North Carolina of him.
I am waiting to get the rest of the family history
so that I can complete this line.
If you have any information on the Mortons in North Carolina
around Laurinburg, Rockingham or Wilmington.
I would like to here from you.
Email Bobbie Morton

Posted February 6, 2001.

Dawn Marie Bailey (Morton)

Searching for William Morton possibly born in Cayman Brac British West Indies.
Married to Almina Elizabeth Martin, three children Fred Peter,
Sonny (possably not real name )
and a daughter that is still alive in Cayman Brac,
I don't know her name.
Fred Peter was my Grandfather he died in 1960.
Fred Peter Morton married Verona Morton in 1940 in Cecil County, Maryland.
His father owned land on Caymen Brac,
possibly it is still owned by the Morton Family.
This is also information I am looking for.
Please email me if you have any information.

Dawn Marie Bailey


Posted December 31. 2000

Joseph Thomas Morton
I am searching for my English roots on the Morton family.
My Great Grandfather, Joseph Morton was born in England, 1 Jan 1843,
married Frances Mary Gruver in 1871. Their son, Harry married Kathryn Parry in 1904.
I am seeking information about Joseph.

Joseph Thomas Morton

Posted October 31, 2000

Jana Pawlowski
I'm wondering if you could send me information on Manervy Polly.
She was my ggggrandmother and was married to a James Gilbert and
Levi Lewis, but may have married 3 times.
Since it's the same area and same name, I thought I'd check it out.
She was at least part Cherokee if not mostly Cherokee because her first daughter,
Isabella, was born on a Cherokee Reservation.

Jana Pawlowski

Posted October 27, 2000

Sherry Young
My grandmother's maiden name is Edna Maude Morton,
she married my grandfather James Melvin Worthington.
Grandma said the Morton's originated from Maine and from England.
They were married in 1939.

Sherry Young

Posted October 11, 2000

Noelle Weaver

I recently acquired several photos from an antique shop outside of Chicago.
They feature promotional photos of the Morton Family
a pre World War I vaudville act in Chicago, Illinois.
The father's name is James Morton and his two daughters in the photographs
are Opal and Baby Nondas. Baby Nondas never married and recently passed away.
I would love any additional information that you may have
regarding this family and their time spent in Chicago.

Noelle Weaver

Posted September 24, 2000

Bobbie Morton

My husband is a Morton.
His family is from North Carolina and
I know that one of his ancestors died at Fort Fisher, North Carolina during the civil war.
I am looking for more information on the Mortons that were settled in North Carolina.

husband- Burnis Franklin Morton, jr married to Bobbie Wilson
children Tabitha, Brandon, and Joshua
1 grandchild on the way

his father- Burnis Franklin Morton, sr married to Doris Peele,
and then to Hilda Lammonds
children (Doris) Burnis Franklin Morton, jr.
(Hilda) David Lee Morton (wife Carmen) adopted son Billy Franklin Morton

his grandfather- David Morton married to Ida Pankey
children - Burnis, Ernest, Esther, Rether, Steve

his great grandfather- Christopher Morton married to Analiza

Bobbie Morton

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