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Morton - Moton Family Search

Posted June 14, 2001.

Morton inquiry (poster failed to leave name)

My deceased husband, last name Hurst has Morton relations.
One of his fathers sisters married a Frank Morton, London Ontario.
I tried to find address and note to Morton on my computrer.
Can you clarify this Morton family?
Elder Morton would be around and over 90 possibly.
I met them in 1941, hope this helps your tree.

Morton inquiry (poster failed to leave name)

Posted May 21, 2001.

Jason Morton

Would any body know a Charles Emery Morton,
who had a son named Duncan Morton and a daughter named Zoe?
Duncan was not able to talk because he had no voice box
and his sister called him Harold.
When (Harold)Duncan was in middle school
he started to talk one day (God healed him).
People know him now as Harold Duncan Morton Sr.
SO does any body know of Charles Emery Morton 's father and so on?

Email Jason Morton

Posted May 15, 2001.

Kay Simons

I am researching the Morton Family.
Willis Morton was my ggggrandfather b. 1825 in Newport, Kentucky.
He was married to Eliza C. Reese.
Their children; Russell Lee Morton b. 1863, Dudley Morton b. 1853,
Emily and Sylvester b. 19 July 1855, Minnie and Eliza.
I am looking for any descendants of this family.
All above mentioned members were born in Newport.
Thanks, Kay Simons.

Kay Simons

Posted May 2, 2001.

D. Leavitt

I am looking for info on Joseph Morton, born in Dublin,
Ireland in 1709 and died in Virginia.
He came from Ireland with seven brothers,
and one branch founded the Morton Salt Co.
Others went to Mississipi, Alabama, and south Carolina and later Texas.
I am a ninth generation descendant of Joseph and
most of my family is from northeast Texas.
I have lots of family info on the descendants of Joseph
through about 11 generations of our family.
One of my ancestors married a citizen of the Cherokee nation.
I have some old photos, etc.

Email: D. Leavitt

Posted April 23, 2001.

Chris Morton

Hi, I'm 16yrs old and I'm looking for information about the Mortons.
My father is Ray Morton (b.1961)
my Grandfather was Robert Morton (b.1912-d.1993).
Any info would be greatfully received!

Email: Chris Morton

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