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I am looking for a Sisco family that
lived in Kenneth Minnesota around 1919.
I have family photos and
would like to return them.
Email Kersti for photos.

I have started a page
pertaining to Morton family
history. If you have Morton
family records that you would
like to share, please email
the information to me.
Please make note in the email
that it is all right for me to use
this information and your
email address on my page.

Morton Search or Sisco Search


I have several files on the Sisco family. These consist of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Tennessee families back to the late 1800's and early 1900's.

The following is a sample of information I have.

Samuel Sisco, born 2-10-1820 in Overton Cty, TN. Died on 10-22-1880 in Newton Cty, MO. Wm. Houston Sisco, born in Monroe, Overton Cty, TN in 1824, died on 5-25,1910. He was married to Mary Ann Seitz at Osage, Carroll Cty, Ark., on 6-8, 1843. She was born in 1822 died in 1909.

I have records on Emberson Sisco, Marshall A. Sisco, Granville F. Sisco, Minerva "Polly" Sisco, Franklin A. Sisco, Sara Jane Sisco, Thomas Fancher Sisco, Jr., Tennessee "Sisco" Collier, Thomas F. Sisco, Sr., and Nancy Sisco. These also include their husbands/wives and children records.


I also have a few older records of the Morton family that consist of bread money receipts and a partial family tree. This is very sketchy information and pertains to the Cherokee ancestry records. My Father's siblings of which there were many have dwindled down to one sister. There remains my Dad and a sister. Ather (Ace) Morton and Mildred Morton Price. The family history has unfortunately been lost with the deaths of the older brothers and sisters.

At the time of roll taking there was several instances of Mortons being listed as Moton when the roll taker spelled the last name as it was sounded out to them.