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Morton - Moton Family Search

Posted 11/30/2002
William C. Morton
My name is William Morton and I'm from the Blount County Mortons of Tennessee
I am a direct decendent of William Morton and Margaret Farr who are buried in Bakers Creek.
I am searching for the children of Silas J. Morton whom is the Grandson of William Morton,
and Margaret Farr, and the son of John Morton, and Mary Wells Silas J. Morton
married Sarah Poland. The childrens names were 1. Mary Elizabeth Morton
2. John E. Morton 3. Milo J. Morton 4. Celia J. Morton 5. Jacob Madison Morton
6. William Abraham Lincoln Morton 7. James Morton.
Now this is what I have.
1. Mary E. Morton married a James Sniderin 1878 thier burial is unknown
2. John E. Morton burial unknown and was still living in 1878
3. Milo J. Morton I found as their child in 1860 and
also found a M. Jastine Morton buying Property in the late
1890's in Blount County Tenn burial unknown
4. Celia J. Morton married a Alexander Mcdonald in 1894 have found thier burial
5. Jacob Madison Morton is my Great Grand Father and have info
6. William Abraham Lincoln Morton married Edith Fredonia Young and are Buried in Pilot Point, Texas.
7. James Morton burial is unknown. It is said that Silas J. Morton left Sarah and remarried and moved to Texas
left her and moved back and died in a poor house in Roane County Tenn.
Now this is where it gets wierd. Sarah dies in 1888 burial unknown.
Silas leaves Georgia in 1888 and moves home and dies in 1894 in Blount County Tennessee burial unknown.
There is a another Silas J. Morton who dies in Rhone County Tennessee, I found this in the 1900's.
There was another Silas J. Morton buying and selling land in 1896 and he lived in Knoxville, Tennessee.
I belive this is James Morton, Silas and Sarah Poland youngest son
and I believe he married an Emmaline Allen in 1886,
know the father Silas J. Morton moved to Georgia in 1886 and lived there for 2 years.
I'm in a dead point here not knowing where to go and I can't find anymore of thier children.
Silas and Sarah is the Mystery in my family, all of Silas's brothers and sisters are located
but he is still eluding me. Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you
William C. Morton of the Blount County Tenn Mortons

Posted September 22, 2002
Wayne Morton
My name is Curtis Wayne Morton, I live in Coleman County, Texas.
My dad is Curtis Eugene age 82, his father was Odus Columbus b 1900 d 1982.
His father was Henry Columbus b 1861 in Florida but traveled to Texas,
d 1945 in Winters, Texas.
Here is our problem, his father was Joseph Morton in Florida.
We don't know his wifes name or where he lived and died.
I believe we all go back to the same roots,
however every tree has several Joseph Mortons.
If anything in ours looks promising contact me at:
Email Wayne

Posted September 03, 2002
Andrea Kilmer
My name is Andrea Morton Kilmer. My father is Jerry Kent Morton b.1950 in Iowa.
His brother is Stephen Morton b. 1956.(Two sisters as well)
My grandfather is Larry James Morton b. 1932 in Iowa. He is one of four sons of
Jesse Graydon Morton b. 1907 in Iowa.(the other three are Donald, Junior and ?)
Jesse's wife (my g.grandmother )is Wilma Irene Allison.
Jesse's father is Clarence Morton b. 1880 in Iowa. (Clarence's wife's name was Love)
His brother's name was Lawrence. His father is John Morton from Arkansas b.about 1860.
His father was George Morton from Kentucky b. about 1840.

That is as far as my line goes back, as all of my g.grandparents are gone
and their brothers and sisters are unknown to me.
Andrea Kilmer

Posted September 01, 2002
Walt Russell
Am looking for the ancestory of Thomas Morton born in England about 1574.
Daughter Margaret Morton born April 29, 1604 Austerfield, Yorkshire, England.
Died Southold, Long Island, New York. Married Matthias Corwin.

Walt Russell

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