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January 02, 1999

   I have a Frances Morton who mar. my gr. gr. gr. gr. grandfather-Hugh Allen in 1809. 
Frances is the daughter of William Morton and Susannah Laugherland. 
She was born 8-12-1792 in Alabama and is also buried at Deer Creek Cem. in Ind. 
This is all I know about her.
Hugh was born 10-3-1784 in North Carolina, he died in 1855 or 1856
Grand Co., Ind. buried also at Deer Creek Cem., Ind. 
Their children are: Susanna, Elizabeth, James, William and Rebecca. 
I have more info. on Hugh and dates on the children. 
I am wondering if Frances Morton belongs to this line ?? 

Any info. would be GREATLY Appreciated. 

Thank you,


Sharon Morton Wallace

My Cherokee ancestry has been established and verified through the
Cherokee Roll #'s for many years. However, the family history
is still very sketchy.
My grandfather was Noah Hamilton Morton born on July 20, 1876 in the
Goingsnake Dist. in the Cherokee Nation, IT. He married
Lilly Nancy Smith born in 1886. To date, I have no further information on her.
In 1906 their residence and post office was in Long,
Cherokee Nation in the Indian Territory. At that time Noah had 1 daughter
Bessie A. Morton born 1/ 17/1902 and 2 sons Sterling Morton born
8/15/1903 and Willie (Bill) Morton born 4/13/1906. They later had 7 more children;
Walter, Vernal, Fred, Edith, Jessie, Ather Helms (Ace) my father and Mildred
making a total of 3 daughters and 7 sons.
Noah's father (my great-grandfather) was Aaron (Buck) Morton. Born in the
Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory, date of death
is known only as 1885. He married Early Mackey born in White County,
North Carolina date of birth unknown, year of death 1894.
Early's parents were Nelson and Lizzie Sego and from all indications they
were born in Tennessee.

Thank you,

Sharon Morton Wallace

Sharon (Morton) Wallace

Lalian Morton

November 15, 1998

My husbands family is Morton. His father is Lage Morton,
grandfather is John Morton. His great-grandfather is Samuel Morton who married
a Mary Ann Moton. Her brothers sometimes went by Moton and sometimes Morton.
You might e-mail my husband and he could dig out his genealogy on this family.
I know he would love any information on Samuel if he could get it.
Samuel Morton was born in Missouri and I think his father was also a Samuel.
On the Mary Moton, I am not sure but I think her mother was a Langley.

Thank you- Robbie

Updated 11/ 02/1998

Since my last post I have checked some of the Morton family history I know about.
My family has been able to go back to the 1750's to South Carolina.
Our history in the 1750's starts with Marshall Morton, whose son James Morton
was born about 1790 also in South Carolina. James Morton's son John was born in
Alabama about 1821.
My grandfather, Drury Morton was John's son, and was born in Alabama in 1852.
My father, James P. Morton was born in Texas in 1884. I know Marshall had
more children than James and James had more children than John.
I have a cousing who has done a lot of research on these other Morton lines
descending from Marshall Morton.
I have come across the spelling of the name Morton where the letter "r "was dropped.
I have been told that some dialects of Cherokee did not use the letter "r". So, when
the census takers spelled the names they often spelled them phonetically.
This resulted in the letter "r" being dropped.
I would appreciate any information you may have. If you need any of the information
my cousin has assembled let me know, as she has published a book on the
Marshall Morton line.

In researching my ancestors I have been amazed at how really small the world is,
as I have come across many relatives.

Regards, Jim Morton

October 02, 1998

Jim Morton

I am searching for information on the Morton family.
My father, Jim Morton, Sr., was born in 1884 in Texas.
His parents were from Arkansas and grandparents were from Alabama,
his great-grandparents were from North Carolina.
I am interested in any records concerning the Morton family
and any connection to the Cherokee people.

Regards, Jim Morton

October 20, 1998

Jim Pace

I have just begun to trace back through my family
with respects to our Cherokee ancestry.
Recently, I received the marriage certificate and some court testimonies
from my GreatGrandfather and his wife when they
were applying for Cherokee citizenship of their minor children.
My Great-grandmother's name was Lillie Morton.
My Great Grandfathers name was Henry Dassler.
They were married 11 Jan 1894 in Indian Territory.
The certificate lists them both as being from Webbers Falls.
Henry was 26 and Lillie was 18.
Later in the testimony, Henry states that Lillies fathers name was
Jim Morton and her mother Jane both deceased at the time of testimony
(August 22, 1900).
They were applying for enrollment of Sudie May, 11 months
and Dora Elizabeth, 3 years.
Henry also states that his father was Herman Dassler and his mother Mariah.
His post office was Vian and his district was the Illinois district.
I hope this information will be useful.
If anyone can give me more insight that might help,
I would be very grateful.

Jim Pace

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