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Old Morton Photos and Documents

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The following comments and photos were
contributed by Floyd Bright.
The blacksmith shop and the bar photos are
both from Timnath Colorado probably in the early 191x's.
"Uncle Art" was one of several brothers of my grandmother, Katie Morton
F. Alvin and Maggie (Davis) Morton are my G-grandparents.
He owned the blacksmith shop in Timnath.
The three children are my grandmother Katie in the middle
and two of her sisters. We don't know for sure which is which.
One is Blanche. This photo had to be taken around 1890
since Katie was born December 7, 1881.
She died in Fort Collins Colorado in 1963.
Blacksmith shop
Uncle Art's bar
F. Alvin and Maggie (Davis) Morton
The three children with Katie in the middle.
Katherine Morton, daughter of Fredrick Alvin and Maggie Davis Morton.
Contributed by Floyd Bright.

James Morton and daughter Nondas.
Larger Picture of James and Nondas.
Believed to have been taken around 1907
in Chicago as a promotional photo.
James was a Vaudeville actor.
Contributed by Noelle Weaver.

Old Photo of Lillie Morton and son Fred Morton
Contributed by Sharon Morton Wallace

Millie Morton, G.W. (George) Mortons daughter
Contributed by Tina Morton Easley

Copy of Probate on G.W. Morton
Contributed by Tina Morton Easley

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