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It is my hope to eventually be able to list all winners sites.
However, due to a crash on my old computer I lost records.
Thankfully, it taught me a very valuable lesson of always
saving everything to floppies before I go any further.
The following recipients of my awards are in no particular order
and will be text links only to save space.

The Casteel's
Deer With Horns
Granny Ina's
June's Little Corner
Hot Parrot Production
Lynne's Place
Monmouth County FOP Lodge #73
Sammy Ceci's Purple Place
Mrs. Trucker's Homepage
A Steel Magnolia's Perspective
Grey Eagle's Genealogy
Tiffany's Page
PiggyBabe's World
Mike's Homepage
Lindy's Graphics
Odonata Gallery
The French Natural
Cape Breton Living
Darrianne's Home on the Web
Dot Zangari's Home Page
MGB's Homepage
Dustin's Homepage
Nonna Mary's Fables for Children
RollnRebel's Front Page
Spring Rain 2's

2001 Best of the Web Winners
2000 Best of the Web Winners
1999 Best of the Web Winners
1998 Best of the Web Winners