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Welcome to 
Wallace World

Please enjoy your time spent at my site
and I do welcome all here.
Take your time, browse around
and let me know you were here by signing the guestbook.

Due to family illness Wallace World
will not be upgraded until approximately June of 2001.
Please take time to visit the art gallery and lake applets section.

A variety of subjects awaits you...
Cherokee history and graphics, original
art, lake applets, a section on Country Humor,
genealogy on the Morton family,
my wood work which is a
computer desk and curio cabinet.
An online gallery of my art work for sale
and so much more.

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Thank You for spending your time
with Wallace World.

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Sequenced by Dave Turner

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Backgrounds and graphics other than
awards we have received or gift graphics
were made by Sharon Wallace
and are the sole property of Wallace World
and are copyrighted as such.
Please be kind, look but don't take.
If you have a special need for a background
or graphic, email me and I will try to help.


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